Vision Quests 2022

Vision Quest in Sweden june 2022

Jean Verstraete and Frans Scheerder as an elder.

In the fir-woods of south Sweden during the intense period of autumn. In the Boras area at almost 75 km from Göteborg.

Exact data are from wednesday 15 june 15PM till friday 24 june at noon. Contact me for more information.

Detailled information is available on request per email Mail me

Vision Quest in Finland august 2022

Jean Verstraete and Annika Zilliacus

On small islands in the archipelago-area from Kimito in south Finland at the end of the summer with so close basic-elements as light, water, rocks and seawinds present all the time. Inviting, connecting and inspiring for our soul. At almost 250 km of Helsinki.

From friday 5 august 2022 16 PM till saturday 13 August 2022 11 AM.

Travelling can be done the same day if needed from Brussels f.i. by plane.

Detailled information is available on request per email Mail me



Probably at the end of 2021, we will offer a sweatlodgeleadertraining in 3 blocks of 3 to 4 days. Some have been waiting for a long time, as soon as the pandemic-time is over, we will explore all the abundance the sweatlodgeceremony keeps giving us.

Mail me your interest in participating before 30 june. Full dates will be fixed in september.

This workshop will be announced soon from NATURE RITUALS:Guided by your fire - Spring 2022

Annika Zilliacus, Frans Scheerder and Jean Verstraete

Place and terms still to be confirmed

Open to everyone who wants to connect with his inner fire, experience the wisdom of old traditions about fire and learn how to keep in touch with his/her own inner fire during everyday activities in life. Learning the lessons of fire : how to build a fire according to old knowledge from the Sami or the Lakota, how to connect with dark and bright side of fire and opening up to the sacred dimensions of fire. A workshop of 4 days to discover all the fire-voices within you. A rich and intens experience which can change profoundly your relationship to fire: while preparing the fireplace, igniting the fire and keeping it burning.

Where To be confirmed

Terms To be confirmed

More information Detailled information is available on request per email


Mixed sweat lodges:

At the transition of each season

• On Sunday 14 November 2021 : full • On Saturday 18 December 2021 for the start of Winter-time : waiting list

Sweat lodges for man:

Wednesday 11 november 2021 on Armistice

Five Sweat lodges for man: new start end 2021

A deep and healing experience for each man who participated in previous series. A real intensification of your personal evolution by the encounter of your power and your vulnerability. The next one will probably start at the end of 2021. Precise data will be announced soon. Please let me know if you are interested.

Timing: Start at 10 AM (welcome from 9.30), end between 6 and 8 PM, don’t plan any other activities that evening.

Registration: By email

Costs 60€ per person to be paid on the spot (part of this goes to NATUURPUNT in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw and to TCHENDUKUA-projects for the KOGI-Indians in Colombia) Limited number of participants, registration beforehand is compulsory.

Place: In OOSTERZELE close to Ghent, or on other locations (French Alps or other places in Belgium. Detailed roadmap will be sent after registration.

Sweat lodges also on demand for special occasions : birth, transition, anniversary, teambuilding.

Sweatlodgeweek in the Alps: October 2021 Full with waiting list

Time for yourself with two sweatlodgeceremonydays, long walks in the mountains. Time to reconnect with so much light, stones and rocks, water and fire around. Always a good time for your well-being. A breathtaking panorama of 360° where nature as still her greatness offering a permanent show. High on the top of a mountain in the Alpes de Haute Provence, on a glacier polished by ice and water for ages with old marks from ancient inhabitants older than 3000 years. Detailed information is available on request per email Register before 30 June. Staying in a gîte in the old fortifications of a fort. From 16 October till 23 October 2021 in the Alps of the Haute Provence at +/- 45 km from GAP.

Register :

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